Richard Parsons  ‎(I14)‎
Given Names: Richard
Surname: Parsons

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1819 27 22
Death: 1884 ‎(Age 65)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1819 27 22
Globally unique Identifier: E6A38AC0-5370-43EA-8BDA-A7B15D4A5F45
Record ID Number: MH:IF25
Marriage Sarah Crawford -
Globally unique Identifier: E0295358-7F28-456D-92E2-442E1EAE5D4B
Record ID Number: MH:FF7
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Death 1884 ‎(Age 65)‎
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Record ID Number: MH:IF26
Record ID Number MH:I15
Globally unique Identifier ED54CCB0-669F-4262-B5A6-FD8D8E1A4965
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Parents Family  (F7)
Richard, Parsons
1792 - 1866
Anne ‎(unknown)‎
1797 - 1866
Richard Parsons
1819 - 1884

Immediate Family  (F6)
Sarah Crawford
1818 - 1896
George Parsons
1851 - 1933


The will of Richard Parsons ‎(1819-84)‎

This is the last will and testament of Richard Parsons of Domereany, Bombay, Engineer late of Apollo Presses and late of the P. & O. Service and formerly of H.M.’s Dockyard, Woolwich, England. Born at Bath, Somersetshire, England on the 26th April 1819.
By these presents I give my body to the Doctor of the European Hospital to dispose of in any way he may think proper for the benefit of Medical Science – this includes the retention of my skeleton if thought proper. If my body is not required for the above purpose let it be put into an old box with sufficient ballast to cause it to sink and let it be thrown in the sea, or in any way disposed of without any religious ceremony.
I hereby appoint Mr George Walker, clerk of G.I.P Railway Company and Mr N.Pearson, Manager of Engineers’ Depart. Municipality as my executors, unless he declines to act with Mr George Walker as my executor in which case the said Mr George Walker is to be my sole executor.
I hereby authorise them or him to collect all the outstanding debts due to me.
I direct the all the native jewellery that shall be found in my possession be given to the old woman Suckoo as a free gift and I hereby also cancel the debt due by her and her son Toulsee to me. I also give her a sum of one hundred rupees whenever such account has been collected.
Amongst my gold jewellery there is a thick gold ring which I give to the above said N.Pearson if he will accept of it, if not to G.Walker.
I direct that an advertisement be put in the newspapers calling upon all who have any just claim against me to send the same to my Executors or Executor above named within one month, also informing all those wherever they may be in India who are indebted to me to pay the same forthwith to my above said Executors or Executor or within twelve months of the date of the advertisement, and that all interest accruing therefrom shall cease at my death. These dues and demands to be sent to Mr G.Walker for proper examination, correction, etc.
In reference to my books I direct that Mr G.Walker do make a correct catalogue of the same alphabetically arranged, and when complete I give Mr N.Pearson the option of choosing the first complete work on the list and Mr G.Walker the second, Mr N.Pearson the third, Mr G.Walker the fourth and so on until the whole be divided as they may agree between them.
The whole of my other effects of whatever kind I give to Mr G.Walker to be at his disposal as he thinks proper for himself only
This will has reference only to my estate in India.
I hereby revoke all former or other Wills and testaments by me at any time heretofore made. I declare this to be my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I the said Richard Parsons have to this my last will and testament set my hand the 14th October 1884.
Signed by the said testator and acknowledged by him to be his last will and testament in the presence of us present at the same time and subscribed by us as witnesses in the presence of the testator and of each other,

Richard Parsons, engineer,
Charles E.Patterson,
George Walker, Executor.

A.M.Parsons, St Neots PE19 1UE

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Family with Parents
Richard, Parsons ‎(I15)‎
Birth 1792 37 26
Death 1866 ‎(Age 74)‎
5 years
Anne ‎(unknown)‎ ‎(I16)‎
Birth 1797
Death 1866 ‎(Age 69)‎

Richard Parsons ‎(I14)‎
Birth 1819 27 22
Death 1884 ‎(Age 65)‎
Family with Sarah Crawford
Richard Parsons ‎(I14)‎
Birth 1819 27 22
Death 1884 ‎(Age 65)‎
-1 year
Sarah Crawford ‎(I20)‎
Birth 1818
Death 1896 ‎(Age 78)‎

George Parsons ‎(I13)‎
Birth 1851 32 33
Death 1933 ‎(Age 82)‎